The Pediatric Residency curriculum is a three year program designed to prepare residents for certification by the American Board of Pediatrics.

We are a fully accredited ACGME program since 1927.

There are 11 categorical Pediatric resident positions per year and 6 combined Medicine-Pediatrics resident positions per year.

Residents also rotate at our affiliate institution, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for Adolescent Medicine subspecialty rotation.


Curriculum highlights include:

  • Daily:
    • Morning Report on the inpatient service
    • Bedside Teaching Rounds
  • Weekly
    • Continuity clinic case presentations
    • Radiology Rounds led by our Pediatric Radiologist every Wednesday
    • Grand Rounds every Tuesday
    • Problem Rounds every Thursday
    • Protected (pager-free!) lecture block series every Friday
    • Intern Report

Continuity Clinic

Morning and afternoon sessions provide our patients more access to resident clinics. Average attending to resident ratio of 1:3.  

Research and Scholarly Activity Opportunitiesmp-poster

Residents have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of scholarly activities.  An annual scholarly activities fair is held for residents to present case reports, community-based projects, and basic science research.

Patient Care Projects

Many housestaff projects have been implemented over the years to improve patient care and community awareness.

Projects includeService Project:

  • Mommy (parent) Call
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Outpatient Support (providing resources such as food, clothing and books to our patient families in need)
  • Newborn Care Package (to help prevent SIDS)
  • FACE Poverty
  • My Mobile Home
  • Asthma Educational Video


Special Programs

Integrative Medicine

Residents have the opportunity to apply for the Pediatric Integrative Medicine in Residency (PIMR) Fellowship, which is modeled after a successful family medicine integrative medicine program created by Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. Used by a number of other pediatric residencies, the PIMR fellowship entails completion of a 100 hour online course over the second and third years of residency, as well as monthly meetings on important topics in integrative medicine led by attendings in the field.  Topics include the anti-inflammatory diet, herbal supplements, botanicals, meditation, manipulation and acupuncture. 

In addition to monthly meetings, the group also has large events to promote staff and patient wellness as well as raise awareness about PIMR and has ongoing research projects in the field of integrative medicine.

After completion of the course, residents receive a PIMR Fellowship certification, as well as invaluable connections within the pediatric integrative medicine community.

The three main objectives of PIMR are to:

  • Provide up-to-date, evidence-based integrative medicine including complementary and alternative medicine
  • Raise awareness and encourage resident wellness
  • Provide evidence-based information regarding the role of mindfulness and the mind/body connection in pediatrics

For more information, please visit:

Integrative Med- Panoramic Pic

Duty Hours 

Resident duty hours are in full compliance with the Department of Pediatrics Graduate Medical Education Residency Teaching Policies and Procedures, in accordance with the ACGME Common Program Requirements.