Salary & Benefits


Salaries compare favorably to other programs in Los Angeles.  The SEIU-CIR (resident union) is active in bargaining for our competitive salaries.  The union recently negotiated a new contract that will include annual raises of 2.5%, 2% and 2.5% over three years respectively with estimated total compensation increase over 10% in that time period.

Physician Post-Graduate Salaries 
As Of October 1, 2020

Year Monthly Annually
GY-1 $4,735.90 $56,830.78
GY-2 $5,144.02 $61,728.38
GY-3 $5,573.63 $66,883.55

**All PGY-1 residents planning to promote to PGY-2 at the LAC+USC Medical center will receive a $2000 educational bonus in addition to the base salary during their intern year

All residents will receive a $4000 annual housing stipend in addition to the base salary.

Professional Education Benefit
Residents can receive up to $1000 annually each year of residency in addition to base salary to be used as reimbursement for licensing fees, board exams, books, supplies, etc.

Resident are entitled to 24 days paid vacation excluding weekend and holidays each year. Residents can choose to take vacation in either a one-month block or 2 two-week blocks.

Sick, Family and Medical Leave
Sick Leave is accrued to a maximum of 8 days per year. Three of these 8 days may be used for personal days with permission of the Program Director. In compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, residents may take up to 12 weeks leave of absence without pay.

Residents are provided three meals per day without charge for a total of $28 in cafeteria charges. For residents on call, a fourth late night meal is also provided without charge.

Medical / Dental / Life Insurance
Medical, vision, and dental insurance are provided without charge. A term life insurance policy is also provided without cost. Members of the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) receive additional vision coverage through Davis Vision. 

All residents are provided free parking in a parking lot adjacent to the hospital.

Call rooms
Each service provides call rooms for interns and residents. The call rooms include amenities such as beds, telephones, computers, printers, and bathroom facilities.

White coats and scrubs are furnished and laundered by the hospital without charge.

Malpractice Insurance
As states in the resident contract, The County is self-insured and provides liability coverage while working in a County facility.  This coverage during the period of employment continues even after leaving County Service (“tail coverage”).  Similar coverage is provided during resident rotations to affiliating institutions that are designated as part of the resident training program.

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As per the ACGME Institutional Requirements:

“Interviewees or prospective interviewees can be referred to  to read through copies of LAC+USC Appointment Offer (aka contract), Resident Physician Conditions of Appointment Agreement (benefits), Salary Scale, and Visa Information, etc.“

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